Cupping is an alternative technique developed by Chinese medicine.

However, at Namix, we use this therapy to enhance the benefits of sports massage. During your 30 minute session, we combine cupping and massage therapy to offer you the best bang for your buck!

Namix cupping therapy will consist of plastic cups being placed over areas of tightness and creating a negative pressure using suction. The suction of the cups mobilises rigid soft tissue, stretching it from underlying structures and loosening areas of adhesions and restrictions.

A variety of people can benefit from cupping therapy, from elite athletes to office workers.

It is very popular with several famous faces, with Michael Phelps using it for recovery during the Olympic Games, and Hollywood A-Listers: Jennifer Anniston, Justin Bieber and Gwyneth Paltrow also using Cupping Therapy.

The results can be staggering!

At Namix Performance, our specialism is easing musculoskeletal problems such as pain, spasms, cramps, tightness, numbness or stiffness. Cupping therapy is commonly used on the back, neck, and shoulder. Still, it is also beneficial in other areas such as the legs and feet.

In previous experiences of delivering cupping therapy, we have had phenomenal patient feedback, ranging from bodybuilders and rugby players to Namix Director Chris!

They all left our clinic feeling that they have felt much more release than stand-alone massage treatments for their aches and pains.

Our patients have found it particularly useful for relieving fascial tightness - fascia is the connective tissue holding all internal parts of the body together. It is just as important to keep this mobile to keep your muscles loose as it allows for unrestricted, pain-free movement. For instance, we have seen patients go from struggling to touch their toes to being able to fold in half with hands flat on the floor - all after ONE session of cupping.

When working with sporting individuals, we see a wide variety of injuries affecting all areas of the body. Cupping aids the healing process of many of these injuries by:

  • Decompressing adhesions and scar tissue
  • Relaxing muscles in spasm
  • Decreasing trigger point pain
  • Decreasing inflammation following trauma.

Of course, this is an ideal recovery tool for players as it means recovery times are reduced, with a faster return to action!

Cupping is not just for athletes or gym goers; if you are suffering from any tightness that you just can't seem to shift, why not give something different a try? 

Cupping therapy is now available with Grace.

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