Shoulder Pain Treatment by Namix

We understand that shoulder pain and weakness can be very self-limiting and frustrating; especially when it interrupts your training.

At Namix, our up to date knowledge and skills can provide you with a clear explanation of what your problem is, and how to get you back on track again.

Common Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder pain can originate from a number of different places including some of the following:

Rotator Cuff Strain

The rotator cuff is a group of muscles on the back of your shoulder that help the shoulder stay stable, and also allow your shoulder to rotate. These muscles can be injured from direct trauma, or repetitive strain of daily activities. Strengthening and improving the mobility of the shoulder will significantly help this issue.

AC Joint Sprain

The collarbone provides the shoulder with a solid, structural support. When it becomes stiff, or there is a direct trauma to it; this can result in pain, stiffness and weakness within the shoulder. In some cases, the ligaments can also allow the AC Joint to separate. As such, our rehabilitation and treatment plans aim to provide you with the quickest route back to fitness.

Impingement Syndromes

Most people complaining of impingement symptoms will often have pain during specific movements or activities: usually lifting the arm overhead. This can be a sign that the shoulder is weak, stiff, or both. The shoulder may also struggle to co-ordinate the muscles around the shoulder. This can often be easily treated, and our treatment plans are designed to provide quick pain relief and regain pain free movement.

Shoulder Pain Treatment:

Methods we use to treat shoulder problems in clinic are:

  • Massage Therapy
  • Joint Mobilisations/Manipulations
  • Medical Acupuncture
  • Exercise Rehabilitation programmes
  • Posture Correction Plans

Initial Assessment (50min)

  • Includes Assessment & Treatment

Follow Up Session (45mins)

  • Namix treatments are based on your specific injury

Follow Up Session (30mins)

  • Namix treatments are based on your specific injury

*appointments outside of a 15 mile radius of Northwich, Cheshire will incur an extra charge.

Every treatment is individual

We promise that every patient is treated individually with treatments specific to the injury or chosen sport.

We would recommend an hour for your initial session which allows us to fully diagnose any problems. We also understand that your time is valuable which is why we are available 7 days a week to meet a time which suits you.


“I had a stiff and sore ankle following a sprain and Namix has helped me regain mobility and increase strength and stability. Their professional and focused approach really works and I can now play sport and visit the gym with lots more confidence so thank you! Highly recommended.”


“This is the best massage I've had in Northwich! It is great to be rid of so much tension. Looking forward to the next session.”


“Was able to locate my problem instantaneously! Impressive and very professional service.”


“I’ve been using their sports therapy services for many years, as I need proactive therapy to keep in shape for rowing competitions and general maintenance after calisthenics. A friendly and professional service and highly recommended.”


“Brilliant session with Namix this morning. They are really good at helping you to overcome challenges and feel a sense of achievement by the end of a session. I had lost my sports mojo a bit, but with their help, it is well and truly back!”


“Namix are amazing at what they do! Would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a physio. They always manage to make me feel a million times better in one session! 5-star service for sure.”


“Fantastic service. As a rower, I saw Namix to help with improving my flexibility and conditioning to increase my reach during racing. Namix has helped me to lower my PBs, increase my reach and enabled me to compete in national and international competitions.”