Today marks World Mental Health Day. In recent years, the awareness of mental health support has increased through campaigns from several different outlets such as charities, public figures and TV - to name a few. So many people know by now the benefits of physical activity on Mental Health. It includes: 

  • Improve your mood
  • Reducing stress levels
  • Improving your sleep quality 
  • Improving your heart, bone, joint and muscle health.
  • Improves your confidence and self-esteem

And this is to name a few; the complete list of benefits can be found here via the MIND website.

We greatly advocate supporting mental well-being through physical activity, which we strive to do daily. But today, we thought we'd discuss how we, as a gym, support our members' mental well-being. After the pandemic, we discovered more and more people joining the gym for mental well-being reasons; since then, we invested in upgrading some of the team to be Mental Health First Aiders so they could support members and our team in helping their clients.

But advocating the benefits of physical activity and mental health goes far past having a Mental Health First Aider on site, and this is our approach to it.

We Have Empathetic And Understanding Therapists and Coaches

Our sports therapists and coaches understand the highs and lows of life, especially the highs and lows you experience through being injured. All our coaches are understanding and empathetic so that we can help you and get the best out of your session; after all, exercise should make you feel better, not worse! Our philosophy is that it's okay not always to feel 100%, but we ask that you give 100% of what you have that day.

We Encourage You To Show Up

It's a well-known fact many gyms (most commercial gyms) want you to pay your subs and not show up.

We're the complete opposite!

We want you to show up, and we love it!

Exercise is the BEST medicine. It improves your sleep, manages your stress levels and improves your heart, muscle and bone health. But it can only do this if you consistently show up, and we recognise that stepping through the door can be the most challenging part of any workout. We encourage members to show up by checking in with them and inviting them to participate in the monthly gym challenges.

We Have A Fantastic Professional Network Around Us

Over the many years in business, we have built fantastic connections in the healthcare industry, including industries that support mental health. Our members can ask us at any point for our recommendations and to make introductions with the appropriate people to get extra support, giving them peace of mind that whoever we refer them to will be in good hands. We can make recommendations if you want to see someone to talk to, reduce stress, improve sleep - the list is endless.

We Help To Build Your Confidence

Building your confidence in the gym translates to everyday life and supports your mental well-being. When members join us, we have an extensive onboarding process that ensures they are confident to train on their own. We also provide a lot of praise with our PB/Shoutout boards to showcase results to other members, ultimately boosting self-esteem. We have seen the least confident and sometimes anxious people who come to us from other gyms gradually turn into confident gym-goers who are now at home in the gym with their new social network and never miss a gym session. This is often our most proud accomplishment.

We Create Friendships Within Our Community

There is nothing more we love than getting to know our members; socials are perfect. We host many of them yearly, from sporting events and hikes to gatherings at the local bar. We also understand that many of our members have made great friendships outside the gym through a mutual interest in health and fitness. This improves mental well-being by widening your social network. It often also acts as a support network to stay active and have a happier and more positive gym experience.

On top of the five steps we take to support members' mental well-being, we also have provided vital funding for MIND mental health charity previously with our Snowdon Namix Hike. This was no ordinary hike; the team of staff and members all carried 32kg in Kettlebells up to the top of Snowdon and back down to raise the money for MIND. It was an incredible and rewarding experience for all the team members.

Many of our members experience the full benefits of being a member with us physically, socially, and mentally. If this sounds like the positive and empowering gym environment you want to be a part of, then let's start your journey with us today.

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