A Thought for Valentines Day...

Why should Valentines Day be the one day that you show a loved one you care? Why should there be one singular day for it? It should be all year round. If you only showed that you care and appreciate them once a year... you probably would be dumped!

Similarly, the 1st March is Employee Appreciation Day

Would you wait until this one day of the year to show you appreciate them and reward their hard work and loyalty?

Employees are the people that make the business tick, the ones that hold the fort when the manager/boss isn’t there and the ones you rely on to help move the business forward. Feeling valued as an employee goes far past just ‘good pay’.

The answer is simple

you’re increasing the likelihood that they will leave before they even reach a year and we all know how time consuming and costly it is to recruit the right person and train them up again.

Whether you think you’re brilliant at rewarding staff or think you could improve, ask yourself this:

Do you think you’re doing enough for your staff morale and wellbeing?

Are you rewarding them well with other incentives than just money?

Do you think you could do more to be helping their wellbeing or do more to raise the team spirit?

Start making changes now and prevent being “dumped” in the near future.

If you’re thinking you could do more for your team in rewarding them, helping employee wellbeing or increase the team morale, message us about our bespoke corporate packages via info@namix.co.uk