That is how we like to be at Namix! 

We work with a lot of AWESOME athletes and over the 10 years that we’ve been running this business, these are our secrets on how to be AWESOME, not AVERAGE…

Approach The Experts For Advice

Not your ‘average Jo’ Insta fitness model! Unfortunately, other than a free consultation, true experts' time, advice and coaching doesn’t come for free like Instagram but there is a reason for that. They know what they are actually doing and are highly trained. Investing in the right person or team is worth its weight in gold.

Workout Smart and Strategically

No aimless workouts that only beasts you, breaks you and makes you sweat - nothing more than that! Working smart means adopting a well-structured and adapted programme for you to consider your preparation, optimal performance and recovery time.

Evaluate Your Gym/Sports Performance

Against goals regularly. This is super important to log your progress so you can reflect and evaluate these against your goals and understand what is working well and what may need adjusting to ensure you keep progressing in your performance. This can be as little as adding a few extra kilos to the barbell, or shaving off a few extra seconds off your rest time between sets!

Stay Open-minded

To new techniques and routines. This doesn’t mean changing your programme every time you can’t do something, but it means once you have mastered the fundamental movements (Squat, Hinge, Push, Pull, Lunge and Rotation) then trying new techniques and routines is recommended to avoid training plateaus.

Oust Out The Fear

If the fear of failing is holding you back, the sad reality is that unless that is kicked to the side (which isn’t easy), results may not be as big as you’d hoped. No one wants to experience failure or defeat, but it’s a crucial part of the process of creating athletes. You need to know what that experience feels like in order to fuel your motivation and improvement. It’s totally normal to mess up because we’re human but moving forward from those experiences is key.

Master Your Preparation and Recovery

Mastering your preparations ensures not only your body is correctly conditioned and primed for your session but also this time is critical for you to mentally prepare for your session or game day. Mastering your recovery simply means that you don’t wait until an injury or muscle tightness occurs, be proactive and use recovery sessions as a preventative measure too. All the athletes do!

Enhance Quality of Your Overall Health Factors

Including sleep, nutrition and hydration. These have huge factors to enable you to feel physically and mentally alert and prepared before your training session or game day.

The takeaway from this?

Don’t fall into the trap of being average. Find a training environment and coaches similar to Namix Performance, that unlocks your AWESOMENESS! Life is too short to be average.

If you would like more information about how to unlock your AWESOMENESS, then book a 20-minute consultation call.