Following yesterday's World Mental Health Awareness Day, it's important to acknowledge the importance of mental health, and it being less taboo to speak of, and how we at Namix deal with it in more than one context.

Many times in clinic, a patient has sat down in front of me and cried their eyes out over something that has nothing to do with their treatment. It ranges from relationship issues, the illness of a loved one, or they genuinely feel that things just aren’t going their way...someone even confessed to me that they were near suicidal based on the pain they had endured for years.

My main aim in this scenario is to listen..and listen well! Being an outlet can be the best thing for anyone that needs to vent their frustrations. What’s more is once the tears and rant has stopped, the best thing is to provide advice on how best to cope with the negatives, and make a positive step forwards to manage the situation.

Mental health is everywhere, and it affects everyone in some way. It isn’t just a clinical diagnosis either. It can be a perfect storm in anyone’s life, at any point, where they struggle to see a clear path forwards

From personal experience, running a business is an emotional roller coaster! The highs and lows can come thick and fast. In particular in the early days, and more recently during our gym setup. My anxiety levels went through the roof constantly doubting myself:

Was I good enough?

Am I too inexperienced?

What if someone doesn’t respond to my treatment?

What if customers don’t like our plan?

Is the equipment right for the gym?

What if it fails?!

With time, I’ve learned that the ebbs and flows of life and business will always be there. It’s just trusting that what I was doing was the right way forwards, and now I look back and realise how far things have progressed, and wonder why I was ever worried in the first place!

If anything, I now embrace the space between comfort and fear/anxiety, as I know that’s where I work best, and it keeps me wanting to push forwards.

The other things I’ve learned about my own self care are:


It’s infectious, and it’s impossible to not feel better about your day if you have people around you that can make you laugh and smile.

Get Some Z's

Sleep is SO important, and at the end of a bad day I use my sleep to draw a line under the day and wake up and face tomorrow with a fresh outlook. Plus, allowing your body to rest, relax and recharge is a great way to beat stress.


Speak to anyone..friends, family, the cat, even strangers in passing conversation. We’re social beings after all, we aren’t designed to bottle up our emotions. Someone will be there to listen, and someone will tell you everything will be fine.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda doesn’t change the past

We’re all guilty of it, but we can’t control the past. The only thing we can do is what happens moving forwards.

Made a mistake? Make amends tomorrow.

Had a row with your partner last night? Make up before going to work in the morning.

Bailed on your friend last minute? Organise something with them next week instead.

For some people it’s not easy, and it takes more than the points above on a daily basis to just get out of bed. Our message, just like with our rehab patients: start with the simple things, then as you get better, the more interesting bits will follow!