Looking for a new gym can be both a minefield and fun at the same time. With the fitness industry offering so many different options, there has been no better time to start getting fit as there REALLY is something for everyone.

So you're all motivated and raring to go? Great! The next step is to join a gym! You’re ready to make a change, and you’re taking action. Although there are several factors you must consider before joining a gym. Why should you consider this? Because if your new gym is the right fit for you, you’ll stick to your new routine and trust us - you'll always look forward to going back if it's a great place to work out!

Check out our top things to look out for, or ask when checking out your local gym.

Gym Hours

Suppose you're busy trying to balance family life, work, exercise, and rest. As such, you only have so much time to spare, and you want a gym that can conveniently accommodate your busy schedule. As well as the gym hours, ensure that during the hours they are open, it isn’t overcrowded so you can actually work out and not just queue for equipment!

For instance, Namix opens from 6 am until 9 pm Monday - Thursday, 6 am - 7.30 pm on Friday and 8 am - 2 pm on Saturday and Sundays. The gym isn’t overcrowded and is busiest at 5 pm - 7 pm Mon-Thurs.

Training Options and Classes

Will the gym allow you to guide yourself, or must you be guided by a professional? Is it an open gym, or is it just a group training facility? Either is fine, but you need to consider what works for you. 

If you’d like to train on your own, you need to choose a gym with open-gym access. A group training facility is best for you if you’d like to only train in a group. Or, if you’d like the option for both, choose a gym that facilitates both for you. 

At Namix, we have open-gym access with a selection of high-quality group training sessions available throughout the week, which are popular with members. This includes weight training sessions and Pilates and recovery sessions. Our sessions often provide members with the inspiration of what to do in their own workouts and complement their individual sessions in the gym.


Are you looking for anything in particular from your gym? Specialisms in our industry can range from: Exercise Rehabilitation, Nutrition, Les-Mills Classes, Pre/Post Natal, Menopausal, Bodybuilding, Strength & Conditioning - to name a few!

At Namix, we specialise in Strength & Conditioning and Injury Recovery and Rehabilitation. If you want to get faster in the swimming pool, get stronger for your rugby, recover from a knee replacement or have had recent shoulder surgery - we’re the gym for you! We specialise in these areas, so we are on hand to help if you need anything. 


You want to avoid signing up for a gym so far away from your home or workplace that getting there is a challenge in itself. It would just be putting a barrier in your way. A gym in a convenient location will increase the likelihood of showing up more often and achieving your goals sooner.

Namix is located behind the Northwich Retail Park on Denton Drive CW9 7TT, just a short drive from Knutsford and the Centre of Northwich. We are just off Manchester Road, which gives us excellent access to the A556 Bypass connecting us to Middlewich, Hartford, Rudheath, Cuddington, Leftwich, Davenham, and Kingsmead- to name a few! 

Gym Cleanliness

Are the facilities, equipment, and bathrooms clean? What did the gym do during COVID-19 to protect staff and members from the virus? This would give you a good indication of how clean the gym is. Are there locker rooms to change in?

At Namix, we pride ourselves on keeping the gym clean and tidy. We have homes for everything at Namix. We have disposable wipes on hand to clean the equipment after use to prevent viruses. We also have male and female changing rooms, which are regularly cleaned and maintained, and male and female toilets. 


Staff is a key factor to consider when choosing a gym. Are they friendly and welcoming? Do they offer advice? Do they get to know you as a customer? As well as the interpersonal skills, check the qualifications, especially the trainers. Find out if there is a go-to person if you have fitness questions. 

At Namix, our staff will always check in with you, get to know you and ensure you have a great gym experience. In terms of education, we pride ourselves on our highly educated team with a degree background in the industry ranging from Sports Business Management, Sports and Exercise Therapy to Sports and Exercise Science. Our team have also worked in professional sports and upskilled along the way in acupuncture, spinal manipulations, sports massage, personal training and additional instructor and S&C qualifications.

Member Perks

Some gyms have perks that will keep you hooked to their services forever. For example, some offer guest passes for family and friends. Others offer child creche, while others have an open juice bar. All these services and amenities come in different package tiers. Check what you need now and in the future to ensure it’s exactly what you need.

At Namix, we have a range of perks that our members love; these include:

  • A members app with recipes and on-demand workouts
  • Invites to our gym social events
  • Discounts on affiliate partners
  • Sports massage on your birthday
  • Guest passes for friends and family of PRO members
  • 10% discount on PT for PRO members and monthly sports massage for PRO members.

You also get support from our staff if you’re injured; we’ll help you stay engaged with your fitness and health goals with priority clinic appointments to get you better quicker!

We hope this has given you insight into what to look for in a gym. The main take-home point, we would recommend visiting the gym you’d like to join, checking out the environment and speaking to the staff before deciding if it’s for you. Whether this is for a gym tour or a single-day pass to see what it is like, we highly recommend visiting first. 

Book your FREE gym tour today if you’d like to see what Namix Performance has to offer.