Burn Less, Use less

With Easter just around the corner, it will be all too easy to fall into the trap of having a little nibble of chocolate…or the whole egg - we call that a snackcident! Also, throw a lock down into the mix and you can very easily pile on the pounds by eating through boredom. The reality is that with most of us being far less active during the day, we will still consume the same amount of food.

The end result? A HUGE surplus in calories and weight gain.

To combat this, try reducing your calorie intake by roughly 500 Kcals. This can be easily done through reducing portion sizes, cutting out the extra round of toast at breakfast, or simply sticking to a strict “no snacking” policy whereby you only eat your main meals of the day. A great way to keep track of this is by using MyFitnessPal where you will find your own specific calorie needs, and you can scan in your food as you go along! This means you can still sneak in a crème egg; you just make allowances for it. Ultimately, please don’t obsess on your calories but it is a simple exercise to make sure you’re understanding what is going into your body daily so there’s no nasty surprises at the end of lock down.

If you need any help with your diet plan, get in touch with us and we can offer a zoom consultation with an in-depth diet plan highlighting your portion sizes, required macros and your calorie intake goal.

Become Mentally Resilient

We all are struggling to come to terms with being restricted to the confines of our own homes. As such it can be surprisingly easy to be irritated by others that you live with or develop cabin fever. The best remedy for this is to find something each day to keep you occupied. With so much down time, you can learn new skills or languages, read your favourite novels, or even chip away through the never-ending to-do list. It’s also important to spend some chill out time on your own, away from anyone else you may live with this will give you a much-needed timeout. If you exercise regularly, by getting your endorphin and serotonin hit from doing your favourite routine will give you the release you need to manage a period where we all feel like caged tigers! Exercise is a great way to ensure you exert some of your energy and can contribute to a good night sleep in turn, it helps to refresh your body and recharge your brain and mind.

If you need any help with an exercise plan to ensure you are keeping healthy physically and mentally, we can offer a zoom consultation with an in-depth exercise plan for you to follow. We also have free workout videos on our Instagram page for you to follow.

Stretch it out

Periods of inactivity mean that key areas of the body WILL stiffen up such as: the lower back, hips, neck and shoulders. The key here is to remain as active as possible, but where your day doesn’t allow this, it is worthwhile to set aside 10-15 minutes for a stretch routine before bed. Not only will this settle you down for a great night’s sleep, but it will also unwind the tension you have developed over the course of the day. The internet is awash with fantastic resources, just make sure you pick something which is suited to your fitness level, even stretching can cause injury if done incorrectly.

If you would like a LIVE stretch and mobility session, you can get this with our live group training on Wednesday’s at 6pm via zoom or alternatively you can book a online 121 stretch and mobility session with our team.

No kit? Get Creative!

Many people now have taken the current scenario to keep themselves active despite being restricted in terms of going to the gym, going out and doing their preferred running session, or even meeting up with their local sports club at a weekend. Therefore, the surge in home fitness has been incredible! However, some people aren’t blessed with the space nor the budget to fund their own home gym setup. This is where getting creative makes it even more interesting! Using household items such as bags of shopping, chairs, even pets and toddlers can make your workouts fun, and more challenging than you ever expected. As an example, by only using a chair you can come up with a circuit of the following exercises: Dips, Step Ups, Bridges, Press Ups and Feet up Crunches. This little circuit uses all the main muscle groups, and with the right programming could be just as hard as your local HIIT class.

If you’re struggling for motivation during your own workouts, join our online training where no or limited equipment is used and if equipment is required our team can adapt the exercise to suit for you.

Get Social in Self Isolation

At the moment, being isolated from friends and family can be tough, especially when social distancing rules apply. Loneliness is something that many people will be having to cope with over the coming weeks and months, but with the wonders of modern technology I have seen groups of friends host quizzes over social media and Zoom; groups of girls having Hen Parties over Face Time, or grandparents getting to grips with sending text messages to their tech savvy juniors. Therefore, it is surprising how again, we can be so creative once our natural freedom of movement and closeness is restricted.

In regards to health and fitness, you may find your regular class is now accessible online, whilst group exercise giants such as Les Mills and Peloton are upscaling their online content to feed the demand from those needing their fix of Body Pump or Spin Class, therefore don’t be afraid to drag your friend into the same online class and get talking to other members of the community! Just because we can’t see each other, doesn’t mean we cannot still interact in the same way.

We host numerous of live group sessions per week ranging from 30 minutes of HIIT, 60 minutes of circuits to the slow paced 60 minutes of Pilates, stretch and mobility session. Join us for as little as £3 per 30-minute session and £5 per 60 minute session. The training group is supportive, friendly and will keep you motivated in the exercises. It is a smaller and personalised approach to the big Les Mills and Peloton style sessions.

By following these 5 key points, we are sure that you will transform your overall health, well-being and outlook to the Coronavirus outbreak, and stay on track to your health goals. At YST we can still assist and advise you where we can: from exercise and rehab plans, through to nutritional guidance and support with our new Online Therapy and Training service.