5 Steps to Fitness Success

Make a long term goal

For example:
“By 2017 I want to beat my personal best/drop two dress sizes/squat my own bodyweight”.

Then break that into shorter term goals for every 6-8 weeks:
“By Easter, I aim to have lost 6lbs/completed two 10K races/achieved a new Personal Best on my barbell squat”

This helps to keep you focused in the early stages to prevent boredom and falling off the wagon before you’ve started making progress. Then towards the end of the year the short term goals are a great way of spurring you on to reach that long term goal.

Don’t do everything in one go!

So many people will change TOO many things at once which inevitably leads to failure. Stop this by introducing things bit by bit.

For example:
January – get to the gym more times in the week
February – start cutting out the generally rubbish foods in your diet
March – Drink more water throughout the day
And so on...

Habits are said to be formed over a period 4-6 weeks, so changing little bits at a time will keep you on track to success and not overwhelm your body with change.

Mix it up a little

Don’t fall into the same old workouts, or even dust off your old gym programme from January 2015 (or older!). Mixing up your routine a bit by doing some resistance training, cardio work, low impact forms of exercise such as Yoga and Pilates…or even going to few classes for inspiration. All these things offer great benefits to your body and ultimately stop your body from become stagnant – keep it guessing what you’re going to do next!

Expect it to be tough!

“Rome wasn’t built in a day” cannot be truer here. Modern society dictates that everything needs to happen right away, in that very second for it to be considered beneficial.

Fitness doesn’t work like this

It takes weeks/months sometimes before you’ll really start seeing the results of your hard work. Give it time, patience and perseverance and you’ll feel and look amazing. If you just miss out on your goals, don’t worry too much: channel your focus straight back into your fitness plan and don’t use it as an excuse to chuck all your hard work out of the window.

Rest your way to results

Recovering from your fitness sessions is essential for results. Resting is key to help your body repair if you’ve had a tough week of training, and there is not much worse than training with niggles and injuries! Massages are excellent for tending any niggling problems you have, as well as loosening up any muscles that are sore and stiff. Resting can even be defined as lowering the volume, but maintaining the intensity for a week.

For example instead of doing 3-4 sets of an exercise, only do 2 sets with the same weight. Or instead of running a total of 30 miles a week, only run 15-20 miles. This just gives your body the chance to recover whilst still benefitting from the type of exercise you are doing…and you’ll be surprised how much better you feel for it!

So there you go – YST’s five simple tips for fitness success in 2016. We will be trying to live by these tips this year and hope that this will inspire you to actually achieve your goals for this year. We are also on hand to provide any injury and training advice you may need. Don’t be afraid to get in touch, we are more than happy to help!