You can access treatment anywhere

With our new online injury rehabilitation service, we now have the capabilities to deliver the same excellent service that you are used to, all in a place to suit you!

Whether you are at home, on your lunch break at work, or even if you are wanting to maintain your fitness regime on holiday! We can be right there with you.

No wait for appointments

With many clinics and leisure settings remaining closed during the COVID-19 outbreak, most people are living day to day with problems and injuries that they really shouldn’t be!

Our question: Why wait for clinic to be open when you get access to good, quality advice from our team of injury experts?

Most of our appointments can be booked either the same day, or next day meaning that there is little delay in getting the help you require.

Budget Friendly

Our online service is more cost effective for us as a business. Therefore, we only feel that it’s right in uncertain times our customers should benefit from this and get far better value for your money.

Keeping it personal

Some people will be hesitant about whether online injury rehabilitation would still offer a personal touch; a key component to what we do at Namix!

The answer? Of course, it will be!

Our team of therapists still listen to your story, your issues and limitations and make your treatment plan bespoke to you.

Above all, we coach you through your exercises, and send you a comprehensive report and rehabilitation plan after each session to clarify what was discussed, and how your rehab will help you towards your injury goals.

Keeps you accountable

We know that many people that are struggling with injuries will often be deterred from exercising, continuing with their workout plans, or even doing day to day activities. This shouldn’t be the case.

When you are under our online care, we will check in to make sure everything is progressing as it should do with your injury. This includes motivating you to keep moving, persisting with your exercises, and working together towards the common goal of getting you better again. Naturally, where it is needed, we can change your plan at any point with the ongoing support of our therapy team.