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Take the stress out of planning your own workout routine with our expertly designed plans. Get stronger, fitter and more athletic than ever before with either our monthly or quarterly online training plans!

Why Choose Namix Training Plans

Save Time In The Gym

Wave goodbye to hours wasted in the gym, wondering what exercises, sets, and reps to do. Make your workout time more effective with a structured plan tailored to your goals!

Easily Track Your Progress

Log your sets, reps and weights so you can see your progression in real-time. You can also track body stats and track food for weight loss goals too.

Exercise Around Injuries

All our plans are designed by injury specialists who understand the importance of injury prevention, and ensuring your plan challenges you, without breaking you either!

No More Gym Boredom

Our exercise library contains 100's of exercises to keep you fresh, and your training sessions varied so that your workouts never become stale.

Pricing Plans

Key Features

Workout Tracker

You can now accurately track your sets, reps and weights lifted using our workout tracker, meaning you can consistently improve as your training plan progresses.

Meal/Macro Planner

We all know that in order to lose weight, we need to consider our food intake. This is taken care of by being able to log your meals as you go through your plan so you can see your protein, carbohydrate and fat intake each day.

Messenger Support

Instantly message one of the Namix team with any questions using our messenger function; if you have questions, we can help. Think of it as having Namix in your pocket on the gym floor!

Extensive Exercise Library

Training in a gym with different equipment, or limited for what you can exercise with? No problem! Use our extensive exercise library to swap in different exercises on your plan. They also include videos and short instructions on how to perform each exercise.