Group Training can be like marmite; people love it or hate it. Most of the time, the people that hate it overlook the huge advantages group training has and instead favour a classic (and sometimes bland!) gym workout. Actually, group training can be more effective than working out on your own and here’s why:

Keep it Fresh with Variety

Your own workouts can become stale if you don’t keep them fresh! Not only does it become tedious, but it hinders results if you’re workouts are no longer challenging or repetitive. Adding variety to your workouts is a crucial way to avoid hitting a training plateau. This is where group training can help!

In group training sessions, you will try new workouts that you either haven’t thought of before or even new exercises! This can be super helpful to use these sessions as inspiration for your own workouts. Trainers are fantastic for adding variations to the simplest of exercises which can turn a basic squat turns into something a little more exciting, working you differently and before you know it, you’re walking away from the session with jelly legs!

You can always incorporate any exercises that you’ve learnt at group training sessions in your own individual workouts too.

A New Spark of Motivation

Admit it… we’ve all been there! You go to the gym for your own workout because you know you should, but when you get there, you’re a little lost, you don’t know what to do and then you work out aimlessly. We all have those days where our motivation is low.  When your motivation is low group training is the perfect solution.

There is no better way to motivate yourself to push through every rep, than having instructors and other members of the group cheering you on at the same time. That is exactly what you get from group training: it’s a PT session but more cost-effective!

Often people can discourage themselves from training in the group as they say, “People are better than me”. Turn that idea on its head, don’t let it intimidate you, let it motivate and inspire you to improve! Everyone was a beginner at some point, and don’t underestimate the power of friendly competition either!

Keep Your Form On Point

During a group training session, you have a professional trainer is keeping a watchful eye on form and technique. This will help to avoid injury and hone your skills before progressing exercises and weights.

Group training is a great middle-ground between working out alone and hiring a personal trainer. In the group sessions, you have the benefit of the professionals demonstrating the correct technique and also giving you constant feedback to ensure you’re not only hitting the perfect rep every time.

The Social Effect

A sense of community is a huge aspect of group training that often you won’t achieve by doing your own workouts. Group training is a brilliant way to get to know new members and other like-minded people. After a year of COVID restrictions, many people have missed the social interaction and the return of group training and classes, it also means everyone appreciates the importance of the social aspect of training even more than ever!

A barrier to training for some people is that some people may not feel comfortable training alone, this is where group training is a perfect solution, you become surrounded by like-minded people and a community that will encourage everyone along every step of the way.


For some people, keeping accountable and attending the gym is the hardest challenge. This is especially difficult for your own individual workouts when the simplest of things can always put you off from getting into the gym in the first place. But group training is different and means that you must book a space, unlike an individual visit to the gym.

Booking a group training space means you are accountable for turning up and hitting your gym targets. I think it’s fair to say everyone has been guilty at some point of discouraging themselves to go to the gym because they ‘have too much work’, ‘too tired’ or ‘haven’t got time’. By booking on to a group training, similar to a personal training session, you are committing to that time for yourself to work out and take a step forward in achieving your health goals.

Often cancelling under a notice period, means you incur costs which is a big incentive to show up and work hard!

Confidence Building

With Namix, our group training sessions are always using the gym floor and various pieces of equipment, meaning that you gain confidence. Particularly if you haven’t ever used other pieces of functional equipment such as kettlebells, power bags and fixed resistance machines! Having a trainer supervise you during your session and becoming familiar with new moves and equipment will only help you when you come to replicate the same workout on your own, on the gym floor.

Boost Your Mood

Bad day at work? Children driving you mad? Personal life in tatters? Whatever the case is, life just happens sometimes, and you just need to clear your head to be able to refocus. A group training gives you the perfect place to lock the phone away, switch off from the world and channel your stress relief into some exercise, which we all know, will leave you feeling invigorated and re-energised.

Not only that, but research shows that regular exercise can improve our resilience to stress over the long term, resulting in an improved ability to cope in times where you’re stress levels are pushed to their limit!

At Namix, our group training sessions provide a fun, challenging and motivating alternative to regular gym sessions.

If you've read this far, and you've never tried a group session before, now is the time to give it a go! Message us for a free session, and step up your fitness to a new level.